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The Indian Ayurvedic medicine knows chakras, energy centers in our bodies to control the physical and mental functions. These chakras, we can compare with transformer stations with which we make available the energy of the universe to our lives. I like to compare this with a kitchen appliance. If we connect this device directly behind the power plant to the power line, it would immediately melt down. Only when we provide the device with the proper voltage, it will do the services we expect.

We have 7 main chakras and plenty of other chakras, which are each responsible for certain vital functions. Sometimes one or more chakras need a "maintenance" or a better match with the totality of our spiritual-mental-physical system of our life. For self-application we may use traditional mental methods, such as meditation, chanting of mantras or yoga. Similarly massages have a tradition. These we can assist with essential oils, gemstones and other essences.

Owing to its good handling and its energetic qualities relaxing massages with crystal wands have been proven as well to harmonize the chakras.
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