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Reflexology is just fascinating and the web shows them in detail. Therefore, I may as well refer to these pages.

In relation to the crystal wands one should be a matter of discussion: The meridians of traditional Chinese medicine are energetic phenomena, so are the chakras of Indian Ayurvedic medicine and the reflexology charts - our  "maps of health" - are the Western energetic equivalent.

Therefore we get those wonderful results with the crsytal wands in our reflexology treatments. Accordingly, it is basically here also essential to look after the energy state nd to work for a harmonization that body and soul can find a sound balance.

Beyond of the directing of the energies with crystal wands in terms of adding or diverting we always can use the crystal wands in a thematic way. To find out which special one crystal we need for a organic theme we may use one of the testing modes.
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