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Let Your Body Speak - the book about your organs - by Ewald Kliegel & Anne Heng - Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland
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Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

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Crystal wands are energy tools in the truest sense. As simple treatment tools they relieve the working pressure of the hands and fingers in many a massage or trigger point treatment.
However, we should not restrict their possibilities to this aspect. This would be a huge potential for us to escape in the quality of our treatments. Whether in fine
Beyond the relief the crystal wands allow us a direct the energies very precisely: With the crystal wands
What crystal quality we need, can be clarified through various testing procedures. These include e.g. muscle testing, divining rod, puls testing (RAC) or bioelectrical methods. This way the crystal wands support all our massages and feeling touch experiences. They make our treatments more consistent and provide for our clients and patients a holistic sense of well being.

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